“My Florida Folk, Pioneer Family And There Story,

” In 1827 my Great,  Great, Great, Grandfather was born. My Great, Great, Great Grandmother was born in 18 And 29. Both in Alabama. Great, Great Great Grandfather Obadiah B Stanford served in the Confederate Army in Company B of the Lewis Battalion. And was Honorably discharged at the end of the War. He was a farmer.                       

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‘My Great, Great Grandparents Were Walter Daniel Stanford, Who was born in 18 and 45, and Sally Amanda Barnes Stanford. GrandFather was also a Confederate Soldier Serving in Captian Tobin’s Company, Tennessee Light Artillery, And was honorably discharged in 18 and 65, My Great Great Grandfather And Great Grandfather and his Brother all Joined the Confederate Army  at the same time.

” It was at  the close of the Civil War that my Great Great Grandparrents were Maried and came from Alabama to Florida in a covered Wagon. They made this long journey with another couple They found some property to homestead in a section of Florida that is now known as Brandon.

” My Great Grandfather James Albert Stanford was born in Florida on feb 9 , 18 and 81. on Nov. 28, 1909 he married my Great Grandmother, Macy Louise Thompson. she was born in Manatee County Florida in 18 and 94.

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Great Grandaddy Jim Stanford worked in timber all of his life. He cut and sold cord wood, stove wood, cross ties for the railroads and various wood products.

He also had a process in which he burned wood into charcoal. The process of making charcoal began with Great Grandad cutting and stacking the wood in sort of tee pee structure.  Then digging turfs from around the stacked wood and covering it completely  with a timber off lighter nott sticking out to start the fire.



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